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Part No. : MC74HC273AN
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : ON Semiconductor
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Satellites in the sky, we in the ground, measure the GPS is good or bad communication, saying that white is the speed of the received signal speed and accuracy, the level of signal strength, and precision positioning accuracy or otherwise. God used the wizard is the most advanced of the Samsung S3C2440/400MHz the CPU processor, it has high-speed processing of information and rapid response capacity, through the measurement, the wizard of God 4003S receivers remain at 20 seconds or less, which is already quite fast of the. Wizard of God 4003S receiver with SIRF STAR ] high sensitivity chip, typhoons and storms in the weather conditions can be maintained nine satellite signals, so that the signal strength can be ensured in any bad weather operation. In general, GPS in through the tunnel, its signal will be a short break, the wizard of God 4003S also have this phenomenon, its signal recovery capacity than other brands of machines at least 1-2 seconds faster.

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