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Part No. : MC74HC138AN
Description : 1-of-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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Content using hardware accelerators to assist in dealing with similar regular expression search of work, you can play the role of the local acceleration, but the overall effect is limited, because the TCP flow state similar to the tracking of various application protocols to identify, locate, and events strategy heavy workload statistics and records, etc. still have to rely on CPU to handle. The development of multi-core processors in recent years, parallel processing technology to provide a broad space, in the integration of multiple cores within a processor has matured, more representative of commercial products is the RMIs XLR series thread processor It integrates up to 8 cores. In the multi-core processor hardware platform, can take advantage of parallel processing technology to improve IPS performance, but the actual performance improvement depends on the IPS method and the parallel degree of parallelism, unfortunately IPS software than hardware to increase parallel one or more physical cores is much more complicated, which involves the work of the operating system concurrency model, and load-sharing traffic, IPS engine, parallel testing, configuration control of the synchronization and competition, events, statistics and so on running state debugging . Here we will parallel those in the IPS problems one by one to explore. First, carriers need to IPS system software - the operating system itself to support parallelism, ie, a stable operating system SMP version. Operating system in the multi-core processor hardware platform, there are two frameworks, one is way SMP, also known as homogeneous way, another way for the AMP, also known as heterogeneous way.

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