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Part No. : MC74HC00AFL1
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Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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Another energy-saving products to reduce government expenditure on energy costs, saving financial resources, and promote energy-saving technological progress server vendors to expand the energy market and achieve sustainable economic and social development is of great significance. Government procurement of products in the server, select energy-efficient processors, while the computer can bring less heat and reduce cooling system energy consumption, energy efficiency of the entire computer system doubled. The MFPs control panel has a large, 8.1-inch LCD touch screen provides a more simple operation. AR-M318 can automatically be copied into a single or double-sided originals, you can reduce paper waste. After extended memory installed, M318 MFP can handle high-volume copying tasks, document content is automatically stored in memory. In addition, this complex machine can also create professional-looking manuals, propaganda materials for the production of large enterprises and so very convenient.

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