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MC74HC00ADR2 Datasheet | ON Semiconductor
Part No. : MC74HC00ADR2
Description : Quad 2-Input NAND Gate
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Page Number : 6
Manufacturer : ON Semiconductor
File Size : 71 Kb

MC74HC00ADR2 Article About

PAR2 # switchport mode trunk PAR3 # interface gigabitEthernet 0 / 1 PAR3 # switchport mode trunk Once the administrative domain, you can create a VLAN. COM # Vlan 10 name COUNTER created a name for number 10 and COUNTER the VLAN COM # Vlan 11 name MARKET created a number of VLAN 11, name for the MARKET COM # Vlan 12 name MANAGING created a number of VLAN 12 named MANAGING Note that the VLAN is created on the core switch, in fact, as long as any in the management of the domain attribute of a VTP Server switch on the build VLAN, it will notice the entire VTP management domain through all the switches. But if you want to switch port assigned to a VLAN, the port belongs to must be set on the switch.
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