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Part No. : MC74F374N
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View the current general use ps command system process, but the numbers reflect exactly the current system with the "load", it is recommended to use uptime command, type this command, the system in the following information: 4:38 pmup5days6: 241userloadaverage: 2.01,2.04 , 2.00 above information reflects the current system time is 4:38 pm, the system from start to now has been 5 days, the number of users currently logged on the system is 1. Behind the three parameters loadaverage: 2.01,2.04,2.00 very important, they are the system run queue every 15 minutes, 1,5 and the average calculated by the number of processes. Generally speaking, if these three values descending order, indicating a gradual reduction of the number of system processes, the burden will not produce the system; in the opposite case, that the number of system processes in the expansion. If SCOUnix is 10 users, then the value in loadaverage than 10, the system may not work properly. Solution to this problem is to remove the / tmp directory for temporary files, then delete / usr / spool / mqueue files in, of course, the system is running in the case of the mail system, so the process would remove the current activities the. Then see if the re-use uptime, decreased the average number of processes, system operation back to normal. Another important point is that, if the system is running a mail system, each mail users mailbox file must correspond to their own, usually stored in / usr / spool / mail directory, the mail is mail group, the absence of the mailbox file the system will soon be automatically deadlocks.
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