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Part No. : MC74F244N
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Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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QAD company hopes to release the product to further expand its flagship product MFG / PRO software in the automotive industry within the range of applications in various fields and to help build Chinas automobile industry electronic business platform, synchronized with the world advanced level. QAD Yeguan Feng, Managing Director Asia, said: "In the highly competitive automotive industry, with the continuous expansion of production scale, enterprises in the production, inventory, logistics and financial aspects, face enormous problems of effective regulation and management. Thus the application of ERP can be said that automobile manufacturers in the development of an inevitable and trends. an enterprise level electronic information, has become a measure of whether an important competitive factor. " The entire automotive industry, from extraction of mineral raw materials collected from vehicle production to the synthesis part, has formed a close interlocking supply chain. This supply chain optimization and value-added, depends on every aspect of the joint efforts of all members and upgrade. In the automotive industry supply chain, a company that only timely upstream and downstream enterprises to maintain close contact and communication in order to timely adjust the production plan and improve production efficiency

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