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Part No. : MC74F11N
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Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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Here we have to filter these data to see which features more suitable to do data. We are looking for is illegal, unusual or suspicious data, in most cases, all reflect an attacker using this vulnerability, or they use special technology. The following are candidates for feature data: only the SYN and FIN flag set with the data packet, which is recognized as signs of malicious behavior. ACK flag not set, but with different values confirm the number of data packets, and normally should be 0. Source and destination ports are set to 21 packets, often associated with the FTP server. Port the same situation that are generally known as "reflexive", in addition to some particular individual, such as NetBIOS, when outside communications, under normal circumstances should not have this phenomenon. "Reflexive" port itself does not violate the TCP standard, but in most cases they are not expected values. For example, in a normal FTP dialogue, the destination port is usually 21, and the source port is usually higher than 1023.
Power supply part, the graphics card uses a lot of solid capacitors, Fujitsu, Sanyo capacitors and inductors sealed in order to ensure adequate power supply cards, also provides a 6Pin power interface, a very good job with the material. Performance, with a 1.4ns-GDDR3 graphics memory particles, formed 512M/256bit a total of eight specifications, the operating frequency of up to 600/1300Mhz. Output, this card with DVI + VGA + TV-Out interface combination, which circle the video interface can support composite video, S terminal and the variety of HDTV output mode, to meet the needs of different users. With the development of the game industry continues to promote the progress of the hardware, GF8 has become the market mainstream. Biostar has been well-known brand of graphics cards to produce highly cost-effective products to the majority of gamers love.

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