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Part No. : MC74F10N
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Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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For these reasons, we see that the L2TP IPSec-based VPN environment, the agreement can not be used for network address translation NAT. With the accelerating process of economic globalization, and now more and more companies, businesses throughout the country and the world have set up branches all over the business and market development. And branch office space trends of decentralization, and the armys growing emergence of the mobile office, making all such companies must consider the same question: how in the remote segment and between headquarters and the user fast, safe, reliable information and communication.
Dell Power Edge 2900 with the same server as compared to the 1900 tower, which uses a more high-end motherboard chipset Intel 5000P chipset, so the overall performance slightly better than the PE1900. Matched with the current mainstream quad-core Xeon 5300 series processors, make it the performance has been greatly strengthened. Today, I learned from a dealer is a dealer on this server, promotions, price of 18,000 yuan, and is equipped with three 146GB of SAS hard drives, please purchase as soon as possible interested users. PowerEdge 2900 uses a Intel quad-core Xeon 5335 2.0GHz processors, 1333MHz front side bus, 4MB cache, support for up to two CPU. Equipped with 2GB DDR2 FBD memory, expandable to 48GB. Storage using SAS hard drive, standard 3 146GB, the largest support 8 drives. Using 24X IDE CD-ROM drive and 1.44MB floppy drive.

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