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Part No. : MC74F08N
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Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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The virus will steal QQ account the loss to the user. It also attempts to USB flash drives, removable hard disk storage devices such as mobile communication, the average user is difficult to manually remove it. Anti-virus experts suggest that computer users take the following measures to prevent the virus: 1, to establish a good safety habits, do not open suspicious mail and suspicious websites; 2, met friends through tools such as QQ and MSN sent to the URL or file, should be recognized first, and then open the other; 3, anti-virus software, open real-time monitoring program and shut down the systems "Auto Play" feature, to prevent the virus penetrated the computer through the USB; 4, in a number of public computers for personal use when the use of U disk The best deal in advance to conduct a thorough virus scan the computer.
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