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Part No. : MC74ACT08D
Description : QUAD 2-INPUT AND GATE
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Page Number : 5
Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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TCP window size to 1028, IP identification number in all packets for 39,426. According to IP RFCs definition, this value shall be Class 2 varies in the data packets, so if sustained, to show that the suspicious. The importance of data collection mechanism is obvious: on the accuracy, reliability and efficiency in terms of, IDS is that it collected data for detection and decision-making. If the delay is too large to collect the data, the system is likely to detect the attack, the intruder had run its; If the data is incomplete, the systems detection ability will be greatly reduced; if the data itself is not correct, the system can not detect some attack, which the user creates a very false sense of security, the consequences even more disastrous. Price in abuse detection system of different needs and different operating systems to provide the data, reached a conclusion: the traditional operating system audit data provided by the misuse detection can not provide enough useful information. Intrusion detection system can detect most of the current invasion are caused by a host of activities, such as executing a command, access a service and provide incorrect data, etc. These attacks occurred in the terminal, sometimes through network detection can also be found in them.
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