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Part No. : MC74AC74D
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Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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Microsoft said, Linux exist among some of its patented technology, although Microsoft has never said exactly what technology. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said, except if the user from any vendor other than Novell to buy Linux, they will face trouble. Ballmer recently eWeek.com site, told reporters: "If you are using a non SUSE version of Linux, then you are infringing our patents." SUSE Linux is developed by the Novell operating system. Ballmer said: "I think, the user may think that this problem is something software vendors, but this is illusion. If you download the non-SUSE version of Linux, please think twice." Microsofts Windows operating system produced each year Microsoft rely on the operating system for the use of billions of dollars in costs, but Linux has become the scourge of Microsoft, because it is free.

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