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Part No. : MC74AC04D
Description : HEX INVERTER
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Page Number : 5
Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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In the high availability and load balancing, there are many advanced tools can be used by the application back to the end user application layer information. Users can not only verify that the right content is sent, but also to open the network to transmit data packets, and according to the package information to make load balancing decisions. This smart move beyond the fourth level of functionality. Most equipment has a function of the fourth layer flow through the port does not recognize the different types of transport streams, so they treat all traffic equally. However, not all the same transport stream. For load balancing products, the ability to know the data flow through this port is streaming media or on the product catalog in a simple request is very useful, and perhaps businesses would like to give our customers need this directory entry of the higher priority. The fourth floor features a lot of equipment with the same approach to both types of data, which may be streaming data to the server could not respond, resulting in wrong information and delay.
Oracle a year ago over 20% increase in software prices, and now the price hike again, this time some of the product range of up to 40% hike. Interestingly, significant price increases this time is not Oracles core products, such as product database or application server software, but software management tools for monitoring and compliance with the provisions of the relevant authorities. I want to say this is a rip, but have to say this is purely a smart business operations. Oracles database software sales will not always be aware of rapid growth, and sooner or later customers will need to purchase an additional management tool. The business strategy, increase the price of non-core software components, it is more sensible to ensure that customers continue to use both products, but also the main product lines can be maintained steady stream of cash flows.

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