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Part No. : MC68HRC98JK3ECDW
Description : Microcontrollers
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Page Number : 226
Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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After a NAT router for outbound tunnel data, the target IP address do not change. On the contrary, the need to enter through the NAT router, the flow of data within the enterprise network, the destination address must be mapped to a certain private IP address, but this time we will see, stop all the IPSec ESP data flows, the objective IP address are the same, the same public IP address. To be able to stream multiple IPSec ESP distinguish each other, must be the target IP address and SPI mapped private IP address and the target SPI. However, the ESP authentication trailer contains the ESP header and verify the password payload checksum, so if you modify the SPI will cause the failure of the checksum code, without changing the SPI, there was no way to distinguish multiple IPSec ESP data stream.
In this exhibition, we would see a lot of network equipment suppliers, there is room for a solution provided IDC provider. The figure in the display cabinet is to hold the cable or network cable line cards, the yellow part of the wire is part of the cable as a demonstration, the device can be ordered through the room in order IDC wire clutter. Next we see this picture of optical fiber network interface, the cabinet can accommodate more than 1050 interfaces, reducing the cost of IDCs management and maintenance. Because the product is still new because the staff did not allow us to take pictures of their server rack products, the cabinet features an electronic lock, the user needs to operate by remote control, while the heat of the cabinet to set aside sufficient server space, with room air-conditioning equipment in the cabinet following a large air-conditioning vents, which would allow the more rational layout of IDC room, neat. In addition, according to staff revealed that IDC has the set of device allows the temperature of the room to get a very good control.

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