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Part No. : MC68HRC908JL3CDW
Description : MC68HC908JK1
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Page Number : 210
Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
File Size : 1924 Kb

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* Permanent Router - router VPN connection, as long as the routers started, you can create. Permanent router - the router VPN connection, regardless of whether the data stream transmission, connection is always maintained, even if the connection is interrupted, will automatically try again to restore the connection. In general VPN implementation, remote branch office router needs to forward the received data stream, it will automatically create an on-demand router - the router VPN connection. For example, a remote branch office router receives need to send packets to the corporate headquarters, the first link with the local ISP dial-up access connection; when the available Internet connection is established, the branch router - VPN Client machine, you can create a router - router VPN connection, and the company headquarters router - VPN server is connected.
Meanwhile, Chinas purchases of domestic TD mobile phones a lot, and is conducive to the Olympic Games video and other forms of enhanced domestic mobile phone brand awareness, consumers are starting to be re-made mobile phones. But I still have to remind the domestic mobile phone, mobile phone at this time to meet domestic consumer demand, whether it be to turn over the key. Recommended not to repeat the mistakes of 2004, blind to increase production, regardless of product quality control, resulting in harm to a mobile phone to sell dozens of customers; In addition, although the current use of domestic mobile phone enterprises are in the MTK chip, but the differentiation reflected mainly in the software. Increase software development, and strive to shape their own product differentiation and personalization, which is the key to shaping the brand.

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