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MC68HC908AS60VFN Datasheet | Motorola, Inc
Part No. : MC68HC908AS60VFN
Description : HCMOS Microcontroller Unit
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Page Number : 454
Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
File Size : 5563 Kb

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Cache: CPU to find data in the "shortcut." In short, the data cache memory access by the CPU of the bridge. Much faster than the speed of its memory, but the capacity is also much smaller than the memory. While the read speed and capacity of the cache based on further divided into primary and secondary. When the CPU needs data, following a cache ] ] secondary cache memory in order to maximize read speed. This "Cache + memory" of the system to the same time both the speed and capacity advantages. We can draw an analogy, assume that CPU is a "teacher", her task now is to as quickly as possible in a "school buildings" found in many "students" in one. When she could find the "students" was arranged in advance into a "classroom" in the time, CPU "teacher" to find it naturally much faster. Unfortunately, if the "classroom" that were not found in "students", she will go to "small hall" in the room and look, can not find it, the last to go huge, "school buildings" in the slow search.

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