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MC68HC812A4CPV8 Datasheet | Freescale Semiconductor, Inc
Part No. : MC68HC812A4CPV8
Description : Microcontrollers
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Page Number : 242
Manufacturer : Freescale Semiconductor, Inc
File Size : 1492 Kb

MC68HC812A4CPV8 Article About

In the functional areas: support for MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, WAV, format music player. Recording, support FM, MIC recording. Photo browsing: support JPEG, BMP, GIF, format picture. Video Player: Support XVID format video playback. In radio: Support FM Radio feature. Support TXT format text documents read. In games: There are Tetris, Snake, Sokoban three games. Tools: Support calendar, stopwatch, calculator function. Support SD / MMC expansion card. Setting functions: support the functional properties of the set and extraction. USB support ADFU upgrade to support recovery and data exchange and data protection.
AMD and Intel: a huge difference because the different design that the gap between the secondary cache capacity, have the two CPU giants from the cache on an understanding of start. Right, not wrong, that is usually far less than the secondary cache exposure "cache"! It is a huge difference caused by the above-mentioned the "culprit." In todays CPU, Intels understanding of a cache "data code instruction trace cache," that is stored in the cache is only secondary data and instruction cache, the address, rather than copy the data and instructions . We also compared the image with the above explain, Intel teachers in the "classroom" in a student does not see any, but only a note saying, "student name" and "where the seat number," the seating plan. Intel took the teacher will be seating in the table, go to that between the "small hall" in accordance with the "seat number" search for the name "Student." In this framework, Intel natural need more teachers, "Hall" to sit down and order more students. That is, the capacity of the secondary cache a certain extent, affected the performance of Intel CPU.

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