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Part No. : MC68HC11KA1CFN3
Description : 8-Bit Microcontroller
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Workmanship, XFX XFX 8600GTS accepted the public version of the design, quality and completely reliable. Supply part of the graphics core used in two-phase power supply and the way individual memory, the degree of luxury than the 7900GS. Memory area, XFX XFX 8600GTS with Samsung 1ns GDDR3 memory particles, mainstream graphics card memory specifications 256MB/128Bit, graphics core / memory frequency of 730/2260MHz default were more than the public version of the standard 55MHz/260MHz. Today, with the traditional AGP VGA interface has been eliminated along, XFX XFX 8600GTS graphics cards use a new generation of dual-DVI + HDTV as the output interface. Edit Comment: XFX XFX 8600GTS perfect version of the 8600 series of graphics performance as the king, and its price is also high from 1599 yuan to 1299 yuan price reduction, with most of the 8600GTS the same price, the price will undoubtedly become one of the most value high-performance DirectX 10 graphics card models.

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