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MC68EN302PV25B Datasheet | ETC
Part No. : MC68EN302PV25B
Description : Lithum-Ion / Manganese Dioxide
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Page Number : 1
Manufacturer : ETC
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Split room cooling system solution is the beautiful room for the telecommunications industry, launched the base station. In the telecommunications industry occupies an important proportion of the base station room with a large amount of wind, locations scattered on the high requirements of energy saving features. According to statistics, the telecommunications industry for 73% of total energy generated by the base station power consumption, which accounted for 46% of the base station air-conditioning power consumption, thus reducing air conditioning energy consumption has become a communications operator urgent need to address the problem. The United States launched the first in the country out of the wind under the air conditioner will not only make up the base station in this area blank, and competitors, reduce energy consumption by nearly 25%, to fully meet the telecom operators to save resources, reduce energy consumption and cost of development needs. For more stringent requirements on the energy consumption of the user, the United States also introduced energy-saving "1 + N" cooling system solutions, the program uses the natural beauty of the cold source of innovative energy-saving technology, the base station under the air conditioning and for the wind heater installation online, change of temperature, high-precision sensors, intelligent switching, rational use of natural cooling source to maximize energy efficiency. The future, the United States will be customized for the introduction of ICT room cooling solutions.
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