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MC68306FC16A Datasheet | ETC
Part No. : MC68306FC16A
Description : Lithum-Ion / Manganese Dioxide
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Page Number : 1
Manufacturer : ETC
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Competition in the gain, the received signal energy will generally decrease. However, some gain competition attack may cause severe lower SNR, while the total energy does not decrease. Suppose a signal S to cross the two EDFA, the A1 and A2, if there is a gain in the A1 competition, the signal S may not be sufficiently amplified. In A2, the received signal gain than in the absence of competition from the A1 to get more ASE. A2 by using automatic gain control, then, after the received signal A2 may contain imposed on the ASE A2 A1 on the part of the ASE. Note that if the gain is fixed A2, A2 A1 signal output than there is no gain in the low energy competition.
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