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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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In the field of environmental protection, Konica Minolta has always emphasized the enterprise development and social harmony, is to prevent global warming and make a positive contribution. In the companys full line of products, Konica Minolta always adhere to the principles of environmentally friendly manufacturing. Jiangmin today remind you: in todays virus Trojan / PSW.QQRobber.ng "QQ Robber" variant ng and TrojanProxy.Wopla.ab "undercover" variant of ab concern. Virus Name: Trojan / PSW.QQRobber.ng Chinese name: "QQ Robber" ng virus variant length: 87298 byte Virus Type: Trojan hazard rating: ] ] of platforms: Win 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003Trojan / PSW.QQRobber.ng "QQ Robber" is a variant ng "QQ robber," the latest member of the Trojan family, using Delphi language, and through the packer processing. "QQ Robber" variant ng running, the release of the virus in the Windows directory under the file, the file name disguised as a system file name. Self up as a system service "Remote Procedure Call System", to achieve the virus to start automatically. Call the IE program, connect to the specified server, the IP access list to attack, hackers command listening on the specified IP address to send UDP packet attack, taking a lot of network bandwidth and affect the normal operation of the network. Virus Name: TrojanProxy.Wopla.ab Chinese name: "undercover" ab virus variant length: 25088 byte Virus Type: Trojan hazard rating: ] ] of platforms: Win 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003TrojanProxy.Wopla.ab "Undercover" is a variant of ab "undercover," the latest member of the Trojan Family, written using Visual C + +. "Undercover" variant ab running, connect to the specified site, and from the designated site to receive and send large amounts of data packets. The infected computer is a remote control of hackers, from the specified site to download other malware on the infected computer and run automatically. In addition, the "undercover" ab variant can also steal private information, the loss to the user. For more virus, anti-virus center recommended Jiangmin majority of computer users: 1, immediately upgrading Jiangmin antivirus software, open a new generation of intelligent antivirus engine and the classification of high-speed control, to prevent the current prevalence of viruses, Trojan horses, harmful program or code attacks, such as a users computer. 2, Jiangmin KV Online users please upgrade control center, and suggested that the relevant management personnel at the appropriate time for the entire network killing viruses, ensure that enterprise information security. 3, fully open BOOTSCAN function to prevent the shock wave, shock wave and other vicious virus attacks the users computer to remove the operating system bundled with a virus or other harmful programs and Trojans. 4, Jiangmin antivirus software "system monitor" feature, from the registry, system processes, memory, network operations and other aspects of the behavior of various active defense, you can monitor th Today, there are two particularly noteworthy virus, trojan variant E and the journey passes QQ variant QIR virus. "Journey trojan variant E" specifically for the online game "journey" prepared to steal the game players account and password, send it to hackers. "QQ pass variant QIR" QQ account password can be stolen, lost to the user. "Journey trojan variant E" virus: the degree of vigilance ] ] ] ], Trojan virus, spread by a malicious Web site, dependent on the system: WIN 9X/NT/2000/XP.
However, the users confusion is precisely in this, give them the traditional step by step, visual fatigue, and even formed a kind of mindset. By model matching the user the choice of software or by product type matching software, they can only choose on this basis the application of choice is more limited. It is so odd to open network did not follow the traditional steps, but users seem to have a way of life began. Lonely Ye Hao, BT worth mentioning, are now familiar terms of mobile phone users, they understood these words to understand their own personality, as the same. Many users share the feelings, they think to open the classification of odd network products closer to peoples lives, thinking more in line with the users habits. Users not only easier to find products that fit their own preferences. Also eliminates the need for a "theme", "software" and search again for each product type were the trouble.

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