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Part No. : MC4558CDT
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Manufacturer : ETC
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2, avoid the use of System.out.println Methods: Due to System.out.println is a synchronous call, that call it, the disk I / O operation must wait for its completion, so we must try to avoid its call. But when the debugger convenience it is an essential tool, in order to resolve this conflict, I suggest you use Log4j tool, It can be easy to debug, but does not produce System.out.println this way. 3, ServletOutputStream trade-off with the PrintWriter: PrintWriter may bring some with small overhead, because it will all the original characters are converted to the output stream to output, so if you use it as page output, the system to pay a conversion process . The page output using ServletOutputStream as if a problem does not exist, but it is a binary for output. Therefore, in practice to weigh the pros and cons of both.
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