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Saatchi who have access to new media rights sun a new version of "Three Kingdoms" set up 1,000 million anti-piracy fund. Ministry of Public Security, CCTV, Chinese television production center, the Beijing Copyright Bureau and other departments also attended the press conference, cheering for the anti-piracy. June 24 Shaohong directed by the famous director, the investment of billions of dollars in the new version of "Dream of Red Mansions" broadcast on local stations in Qingdao, in the play just broadcast less than 24 hours, the network appeared on a lot of piracy. Spirit CEO, Xu Leilei sun that appear on the network piracy, Saatchi sun has commissioned a notary to complete the first time at the evidence, notary work, then the prosecution of those involved in piracy site and its advertisers. Spirit has been monitoring the sun to a new version of "Dream of Red Mansions" piracy site Pippi network, long theater, Henan movie network, Qilu Movie Network, a hundred film and television entertainment, public free network, 07 television and so on. In the Golden Age of the pirated sun also announced new "Dream of Red Mansions" in the insertion of a long list of advertisers, the century good margin, all net, I bought the food network, go to the market network and other famous sites impressively.
The worlds first multimedia messaging inter-carrier interoperability technology demonstration site was successfully held in Guangzhou today. China Mobile Communications Corporation and the Hong Kong operator SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Limited to complete this demonstration. Xinhua News Agency said, MMS inter-carrier interoperability not only allows people anywhere in the trip are in different regions or countries with business partners to exchange information, but also allows people to spare their families the freedom to communicate when the images, sounds, photos, , and video clips. The inter-carrier MMS interoperability demonstration using a Sony Ericsson T68i mobile phone, fully demonstrated the MMS variety of applications, including its inter-carrier interoperability features. Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Communications Corporation, said: "MMS has been recognized as GPRS and 3G the industry started with the development of key market drivers, it will give users a rich user experience, but also will promote business development Monternet . The first in the country to achieve inter-carrier MMS interoperability demonstration of the mobile communications industry in China will have a profound impact. "

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