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DPFs role is not only reflected in the table design. It is to adjust and configure the database system methods. Now have on the system configuration as to obtain the best performance, reliability, and increase the capacity of the proposed practice. Customers can purchase the recommended hardware and software, and configuration, they are placed in a solution called the BCU. MDC was introduced in DB2 Version 8, which allows multiple dimensions in physics will have a similar value on the line coming together on disk. This aggregation is a common analytical queries can provide efficient I / O. For example, for Product = car, Region = East, and SaleMonthYear = Jan09 all the lines, they can be stored in the same storage location, the so-called blocks. Defined in the CREATE table statement when the dimension to the value for each combination of reserved storage space. In fact, MDC is able to maximize query performance characteristics of the data warehouse used for the query even more so. This includes the need for value based on several combinations of column selection line query. For example, DATE is between "Jan-01-2004" and "Feb-01-2005" AND Country IS.
In promoting the network security market growth factors, Frost Sullivan that there are significant effect on the following ten factors: the increasing popularity of e-government, continuing the network infrastructure, rapid economic growth and diversification of network attacks, corporate privatization process, compliance with government regulations and standards need to integrate different technologies, the introduction of multi-layer security features, the 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 World Expo and the overall awareness of network security. Compared to the scale of enterprises, large enterprises still account for a major position in 2006, expenditures in the network security market share reached 67.1%. These companies are actively used, such as FW / IPSec VPN and other mature products, but also using SSL VPN and other emerging technologies and solutions, and continuously improve network security. In the next few years, large enterprises will continue to increase is expected on the emerging security technologies such as SSL VPN applications, large enterprises in the proportion of security spending will show a downward trend.

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