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Part No. : MC4344L
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : ETC
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The results show that authority in 2005, petroleum and petrochemical industries and enterprises focused on building IT systems enterprise resource management systems, office automation systems, production management and control systems, supply chain management system, secondary logistics platform, customer relationship management system construction and perfect. At the same time, petroleum geological prospecting operations need a lot of mathematical modeling and data analysis, it is urgent demand for high performance computing, giving blade servers and network storage market provides a good opportunity.
ECShop V2.6.1 ChangeLog: [Add] Add printing and distribution by way of a single distribution function [New] New Order List page displays the order directly under the Goods and thumbnail functions [New] New Web site message board function [New] New website quote function [New] Added new page displayed, the user can specify the display of page [Add] to export CSV files exported fields allow users to customize and order [ New] Added integration with UCenter redeem after the function [New] Added a page showing all the brands [New] New home sales in the category module shows the recommended product function [New] Added lib_base . php is used to store basic function [New] New upload product is generated automatically switch album chart [New] New upload merchandise whether to retain the original switch settings on the [Add] New Home Featured Sort Options [New] Added an order email to customer service if the switch settings [new] New Members e-mail authentication is turned on the switch settings [new] New member registration is closed the switch settings [new by] Add the shopping cart display options for the way products [New] Added the shopping cart if the switch is set to display product attributes [New] Added the function of home style choices FLASH [Change] UC members forced integration by the integration of Change for the plug-in [Change] SQL cache mode change to a static file storage [Change] album storage directory changes that can quickly find the products corresponding to the picture [Change] attribute to allow check product attributes shopping fare [Change] Allow call product photo external image link [Change] Image batch processing option to increase the scope of some of the goods to the selected picture to a separate processing [Change] allows users to add products to return the level of designated shopping time points [Change] to adjust for the top search keywords All stations can be displayed [Change] shopping process parameters for the GET method to adjust the user order information using three statistical tools [Change] to pay to switch to plug-in online banking online order number, the unique number passed [Change] automatically record the user last added / choose to modify the classification of goods when the [Change] auction auction allows for no cap [Change] goods using FLASH Player displays album [Change] payment in order to increase the state search [Change] to order the owner to send the message, adding more Details about the contents of the order [Change] exported CSV file to allow for selective export of goods [Change] cache and backup files to the TEMP folder into the [Change] to change page title brands, optimize SEO [Change] Sales Ranking in stock number is 0, no longer continue to show [Change] SF Express Invoice Address Change query [Fix] modified Shopping Center property is excessive, the user selected attributes will result if the lock table mysql error [amendment] to modify the generated product list page coding errors [F

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