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Part No. : MC3458P1
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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1. Do not let strangers or you do not trust people to join your QQ. 2. Use a proxy server. QQ set by clicking the menu system parameters == == == proxy settings network settings to use SOCKS5 proxy server == click, fill in the proxy server address and port number to determine the like, and then exit the QQ, and then landing, which get. QQ password cracking tools are many, you just point to the complexity of the password setting is generally not easily broken. A malicious attacker may use GOP Trojan horse, which is a Trojan for the QQ passwords, specifically I have not used, they are not here to talk nonsense. It is understood that GOP Trojan running pop-up window will say "Congratulations! You to hit the jackpot! Go to the company claim the prize! With your relevant documents, remember!." Specifically on the horse, I will say next in the next section.
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