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MC34217P Datasheet | Motorola, Inc
Part No. : MC34217P
Description : Telephone tone ringer
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Page Number : 1
Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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1. The program is only product verification tools, the purpose is to help users identify their computer to install Windows operating system and Office software is genuine. Our clear commitment to the program will not in any way collect the users name, email address, or any other can be used to identify the users personal information. 2. Users can freely choose whether to participate in the program. Not to participate, users do not have any impact. 3. The plan does not affect any functionality of the computer use, the so-called "black" refers to those who voluntarily participate in the program but did not pass validation will automatically change your desktop background to black. During this period, the normal use of the computer users will not be otherwise affected.

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