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According to CCID Consulting "2009-2010 China Management Information Platform independent market research report" shows the user in the implementation of management software, on the implementation side is very concerned about the choice, 44% of users select software providers, to choose their own implementation was 36%. However, when the user implementation of management software, as the business development and change, 54% of users choose their own to meet the changing needs of enterprises, 43.5% of users choose the provider of management software to meet changing needs. From this set of data we can find, the user management software to gradually strengthen the sense of autonomy, which the management software market is very good news.
BT Counterpanes Bruce Schneier security technology officer, said, "I think this is boring, the cloud may be a new phase, but I do not see any difference, which is an easy client-server or terminal are the same, you still need to have trust. "MIT computer science professor Ronald Rivest predicts cloud computing" the future will be the focus of the security industry, "" I am very optimistic about the cloud, we have many things to work. "question whether there was possible the so-called "digital Pearl Harbor", the participating researchers generally considered to be an overstatement. Schneier said, it was possible that the network has such a large event such as the Pearl Harbor attack is too exaggerated. The real threats are very common things, such as viruses, theft a capital, or buffer overflows in this category. "We still focus on the general risk than the better, this risk will probably lead to general users even bankruptcy."

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