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Part No. : MC33152DR2
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : ON Semiconductor
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Verify the assigned IPSec security strategy is simple, in the "Command Prompt", type "netsh ipsec dynamic show ALL" command, and then return the command results. In this way, we can clearly see the IP security policy in force. With the continuous improvement of network security risk factor, once the most important security measures as firewalls can no longer meet the demand for network security. As a useful complement to the firewall and, IDS can help network quickly find the occurrence of cyber attacks, expands the ability of the system administrators security management, improve the integrity of the information security infrastructure.
DX10 games in the end bring us something, perhaps you now see the results were less obvious, because it is still in a rudimentary stage, but in the future DirectX10 game, the graphics display screen in front of us will will become very close to reality, that is DirectX going to bring us very close to the real game world. With increasing demands on the computer, the computer is a lot of noise when the user installed capacity issues to consider. So how do you build a quiet computer? In addition to buying the small heat CPU, install the quiet radiator, but then the graphics card to buy a zero noise is especially important. I recently learned that a model of Asus EAX1650 SILENT/HTD/256M ongoing special graphics card, priced at only 529 yuan, compared to 599 yuan before the full price of 70 yuan cheaper.

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