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Part No. : MC145100CP
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Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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The new OCTEON family of products include: for SMEs, enterprise-class applications and control layer for OCTEON 31XX Processors and SOHO / SME and the control layer applications OCTEON 30XX processor. OCTEON CN31XX and CN30XX processor is based on the current existing CN38XX and CN36XX the same custom cnMIPS64 CPU core. CPU core is designed for the best designed network and service performance, and power consumption is very small. cnMIPS core is the second edition of the industrys first implementation of MIPS64, 5-stage pipeline, dual-instruction issue superscalar architecture, sophisticated pre-fetching and optimized cache and memory latency. Each processor has 1 or 2 with up to 256KB L2 cache and a rich interface cnMIPS core, the I / O interfaces including Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, PCI / PCI-X, DDR2, SPI, UART and expansion bus . Processor speeds from 300MHz to 550MHz, the maximum power range from 2 watts to 7 watts, while the performance range from a few Mbps to 2Gbps throughput.
Community Process and organizations, and non-Java based specifications submitted to OASIS. SCA and SDO specifications can help companies more easily create new and transform existing IT assets, so that reusable and easy to integrate, to meet changing business needs. These specifications provide a way to unify services and greatly reduce the application development process, due to programming language and deployment platform difference in the complexity. SCA and SDO specifications are used to simplify the business logic and business data presented by emerging technologies. Early customers are already implementing these norms and derive the value.

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