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MBRD1035CTLT4G Datasheet | ON Semiconductor
Part No. : MBRD1035CTLT4G
Description : SWITCHMODE Schottky Power Rectifier
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Page Number : 6
Manufacturer : ON Semiconductor
File Size : 104 Kb

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PCIe x16 another group provided by the South Bridge, MCP55PXE provides 28 PCIe Lanes, net of swap PCIe x16, 12 Lanes also available to support PCIe x8, PCIe x4, PCIe x2 or PCIe x1 PCIe and other equipment. nForce 590 SLI For AMD Edition features not only limited to this, in fact, many "soft" value-added let M2N32 WS Professiona enemy of epic proportions. First of all, M2N32 WS Professiona support nVIDIA exclusive patent LinkBoost technology: When used with a specific graphics card specification, the system will automatically PCIe x16 and the north and south bridge communication frequency increased by 25%.
Memory, the graphics card with 8 modern 2.8ns mBGA package GDDR memory particles, composed of 256MB/256bit strong specifications, dual 256 memory specs higher default frequency 400/700MHz, providing 22.4GB / s of the significant memory bandwidth, to meet the 16 lines running at full speed when the bandwidth requirements. Output interface, the graphics card to provide a mature full-interface design, including DVI and VGA interfaces compatible with the vast majority of display devices, and multi-functional video output interface for the user to provide a composite video, S-Video and HDTV output function is powerful.

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