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Part No. : MBRA210LT3G
Description : Schottky rectifiers
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Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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Motherboard ASUS P5L-MX/IPAT on Intel 945G + ICH7 chipset, support 1066/800MHz front side bus, and can be the perfect support for Core 2 Duo processor. The mainboard provides two memory slots, supports DDR2 667/533 memory, and can set up dual-channel mode. Motherboard Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics core, supports DX9.0, vista system can run smoothly. 4 onboard SATA interface, support 3GB / s transfer rate, and provides native IDE interface. Onboard LAN and sound card interface. Board adopted the three-phase power design, with a large number of high-capacity filter capacitors and solid state capacitors, to ensure the stability of CPU power. And inductor design using a horizontal, CPU sockets arranged around the low capacitance to ensure that the user can successfully install the heat sink. SATA2 motherboard provides four IDE interface and a set of device interfaces. Motherboard Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics core, supports DX9.0, can smoothly run Vista. Motherboards still provide PCI-E x16 graphics slot, the current graphics card can provide the perfect support.

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