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MBM2764-30 Datasheet | Fujitsu Media Devices Limited
Part No. : MBM2764-30
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Fujitsu Media Devices Limited
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Network security system of its own security is an important feature, if not complete self-protection system as a guarantee, even with further powerful features can not be achieved. Like other information security products, like, IDS protection issues have always been self-development and practical application IDS is a hot issue. IDS is currently the establishment of self-protection system IDS merely considered as a general information system, and in the actual network security defense system, IDS is a type of work in hostile network environment with a command and control features of the defense system. IDS self protection as a general information in addition to considering the self-protective defense system, it must also consider the Defense survival under the IDS problem. IDS is a type of attack and defense in the network environment for network intrusion detection, early warning, assessment and response to command and control systems, its architecture is shown in Figure 1. IDS obtain information from the network or host, and then access to information based on existing knowledge to detect, identify, evaluate and test results based on alarm and make the appropriate response. Access to information to determine, the response is a cyclic process, which is widely used in the confrontation line OODA loop.
Mickey Mouse Mplayer style is the most obvious features of the head, only spherical "ear" and switch to achieve full functionality of the control buttons, rotating two "ears" of the feedback force is moderate, responsive. iriver mplayer with the latest PNX0103ET Philips chip, providing a good quality performance. Cute little Mickey Mouse style LED status indicators to provide a to provide more convenience for the user, with the design of the human user does not need the screen can easily Mplayer supports all operations. iriver "Mickey Mouse" at the bottom is the USB interface is used to transmit data, and the bottom of the upper point of the Reset button. Mplayer supports MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, WMA audio formats, weighing only 18g.

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