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Part No. : MBL8288
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Page Number : 11
Manufacturer : Fujitsu Media Devices Limited
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"No career, no means of achieving, no confidence in the security" - the "three noes" is the first half of the "living conditions of software talents in China Survey" on the current software is the best portrayal of living conditions of people. "The new product features can be summarized as in the original application on the basis of association, to develop a rich and innovative broadband applications. It is like a personal broadband portal, Lenovo and its partners to integrate the broadband entertainment resources available in the form of uniform to users. these rich resources, including entertainment, search and various information services. "Tianjiao product manager Li Bing to reporters about the new product features. "In particular, through our long-term research results to users and found that their video phones for cheap, safe and convenient online payment services, and interactive resources and online video has a very urgent need, I believe that broadband related Tianjiao computer must meet the needs of users, provide them with the perfect experience. "

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