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Therefore, in the implementation process, we should pay attention is the process of selling a few important links: pre-sale and after sales. Need for effective pre-sale link to find business opportunities; sales opportunities through the validation link, accurately grasp the business opportunities; aftermarket part related to customer satisfaction and return the funds rate will help enterprises to continue to cooperate with the customers, the same rate of the won has a positive impact on single . Manage to win a single key to good control of these important control points: customer profiles, customer visits, opportunities for discovery, opportunity management, proposal offer, contract management, experience sharing, and mastered one of the important information, sales naturally tube better.
UF Bank Performance Management solution from the market promotion has been all kinds of banking customers in China is widely recognized. That is the letter of this year in Jiangsu Province and Hebei Agricultural letter, letter of Heilongjiang Agriculture, Tianjin Rural Cooperative Bank 4 Nobuyuki farmers, and Yantai Bank, Jiangsu Bank, Exim Bank and a number of small commercial banks signed a contract to conduct banking application performance management of the program. At the same time in 2009, UF is also very productive year for the financial, only the first three quarters, the UF Finance to contract with 31 domestic banks, which also makes the services of financial UF more than 110 bank customers, market share more than 90%, stable domestic banking enterprise resource management software market share first.

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