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In this program, Dell introduced a technology designed specifically for virtual server - PE R805 and PE R905. Both machines are quad-core AMD Opteron processors, this new processors Direct Connect Architecture can break through bottlenecks in virtualized applications, which can effectively reduce the response delay to help users achieve the maximum benefits of virtualization. More to the point, these two products are designed entirely from the perspective of virtualization, with the same level server market, many new features not available. To PE R805, for example, this product has a memory and I / O capacity is twice the typical two-way servers, and embedded directly in the hardware VMware ESXi 3.5 virtual system, press the power this server, the user just a few minutes you can go directly to the virtual system, the virtual machine to easily complete the deployment and maintenance: The PE R905, before the launch of this product and Dells PE R900 is equipped with Intel processors as the virtual technologies are made a fully optimized, can easily support 60 virtual machines, the authority of the Vmark testing has shown that these two four-socket server is running a large-scale virtual system performance is outstanding, enabling enterprise IT be greatly simplified.

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