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To this end, consumer research center on the November 2006 ZDC 12.1-inch notebook market concern about the status of the products were investigated, the statistics of most of the top ten users of products, the specific ranking as shown below. November 2006 most of the top ten 12.1-inch notebook models based on a list of all ten survey notebooks, ZDC finalists summarized several major features of popular models: Features one: all the vendors competing for the top ten, ThinkPad X60 highlights the advantages From the brand perspective, the most talked about 2 kg of the following top ten laptop models are ThinkPad, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Asus Shenzhou occupied six major brands, we can see, the market competition is more intense. One ThinkPad X60 Series ThinkPad models in the light as a portable model, highlighting its strengths, there are three products on the list. Followed by Lenovo and HP, have two products on the list.
Someone says is a Ah Q Ye Hao SUN, SUN is an alternative worth mentioning that people, SUN is the SUN, Wintel perhaps this is the biggest "killer", the old killer. The biggest "killer" is the corporate culture before most of the acquisition of call in the event of merger, it does not matter, Ye Hao mergers, acquisitions worth mentioning, the two sides can co-exist for the biggest challenge is the acquisition, after the merger, the integration of the internal corporate culture, external users services, sales of the inheritance, this is the HP / Compaq the biggest "killer." Analysys International, "Chinas server market trend forecast 2007-2011" Research shows that in 2011 Chinas server market shipments will reach 1.896 million units, from 2007 to 2011 compound annual growth rate in shipments of 26.8%. CCID Consulting, an analytical report also pointed out that the slowdown in 2007, China X86 server market will grow significantly, the market volume will rise 11.8%, from 15 billion U.S. dollars up to 16.8 billion U.S. dollars. Server sales will rise 16.1%, to 690,000 units.

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