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Part No. : MB88307
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : Protek Devices
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MB88307 Article About

The virus with the general behavior of similar malicious backdoor, it will open the infected computer virus port, connect to a remote attacker host, so that hackers can take over all the functions on the computer, and the dangers of multiple operations for their service such as the execution of arbitrary system commands, steal QQ accounts and online banking accounts, etc., a serious threat to the users network of personal property. The virus is running, explorer.exe will copy itself to the system directory, modify the registry, to achieve with the startup. Also open ports for hackers control. 1. The best anti-virus software installed professional conduct a comprehensive monitoring. Recommends that users install anti-virus software to prevent the growing number of viruses, users install anti-virus software, should always be upgraded, some of the key controls are often open, memory monitoring, problems should be reported, in order to truly protect the security of your computer.
Since the company uses a broadband router + ADSL way to access external network, so the computer can not break from the Korean broadband router to intercept, it should also address access issues within the network. 1, into the broadband routers management interface, the two servers configured in the DMZ area. The results from outside the network still can not find direct access to two servers via port 3389. Broadband Router function which seems blocked by default on port 3389 to another WWW server on the DMZ were found outside the network can be a normal visit, no problem, it seems that the default port 80 opened outside.

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