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Abuse detection system based on the known defects and intrusion patterns, it is also known as feature detection. It can accurately detect certain characteristics of the attack, but over-reliance on pre-defined security policy, so the system can not detect unknown attacks, resulting in leakage of police. Misuse Detection uncertain decision rules on programming, can be divided into the following four categories: state modeling: it said intrusion into many different states. If you observe a suspicious behavior, all states are present, is determined as malicious intrusions. In essence, the state model is a time series model can be further subdivided into state transition and Petri nets, all of the former state of the intrusion to form a simple traversal of chains, which constitute all of the state tree of a more general the Petri net.
Control: zoom, volume control can step operation; bracket and the base: in what frame structure, how the adsorption capacity of suction cups, can single-handed loading and unloading; Battery: battery capacity, no external power supply situation in the use of time; Antenna: Antenna it can be rotated, whether the external antenna; scalability: body contents, is random with a SD card, SD card capacity is. 5, in fact, road experience and trial experience to provide real GPS. PaPaGOS350 + is PapaGo S350 upgrade version, PapaGo S350 + most attracted us is its stylish appearance, coupled with the appearance of the black touch-button design allows anyone to bring PapaGo S350 + is difficult to resist the temptation to fashion. Distributor of this product is currently quoted at 1,980 yuan.

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