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5. Currently "soft kill" the industry some evil. ] too impetuous. Popular commercial speculation. ] Some shirtless like "false authority" often broke some "pseudo-proposition", "false data" to mislead the user. These have affected the "soft kill" the healthy development of the industry, while the safety of users is endless troubles. Professional, responsible manufacturers should focus on technology leadership, more of inter-industry technology, more and sharing of user education, in improving user security awareness, while promoting the development of the industry. 6. Interesting is: "to kill soft" sectors of the many topics are adhere "Kabbah", the commanding heights of Kaspersky technology as the industry came to fight, trying to compare the product with Kaspersky. These topics in addition to "envy envy" means outside, there should be a purpose - must take the Kabbah also "hidden rules" of the. Kaspersky welcomes the technology industry healthy competition, but rejected such a "hidden rules" because it deviated from the "all for user security" purposes.
8. Enable secure collaboration --- Active Directory Federation power management company or client needs and partners to share information, but can not lose control of that information. Document management services to organizations the power to be used - in the internal or external users, which users can view, print, forward or delete files. Based on Windows Server 2008 includes Subsystem for Unix applications, this subsystem is a multi-user Unix environment to support more than 300 Unix commands, applications and shell scripts. Windows domain users and Unix systems can use a consistent user name and password, and when one is changed, it will automatically synchronize the user certificate. SUA runs on windows server-based system without any conflict, providing a local Unix performance, and Unix applications and components compatible with windows API. 10.Top-Shelf set up a remote site server to support remote access, remote office, such as a product challenge. When there is no professional IT staff, making the deployment of the software and update security systems have become time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is possible to ensure security and IP access to remote sites. Windows Server 2008 by enabling remote management, allowing administrators to correct many problems easier to handle. Read-only domain controller the new product provides a more secure way to provide remote access to dynamic domain name to resolve.

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