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Part No. : MB8516
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Manufacturer : Fujitsu Media Devices Limited
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The data from the network, said Chinese courts in China have Bacheng patent applications from abroad, our company without its own 99% of patents, trademarks owned enterprises are only 40% of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights of enterprises is more very little, only ten thousandths, the so-called "There is no manufacturing to create, did not have knowledge of property rights" is also. However, to obtain intellectual property protection products is not easy, the State Intellectual Property Office Management Association, a trade organization said Monday, despite the publishers claim that online advertising sales growth slowed in the first quarters visit to U.S. newspaper Web sites grew by 5.3% user . IDC predicts that the server market, the average growth rate of 3.8%, by 2008 this market will reach 60.8 billion U.S. dollars. In particular, blade server market will grow rapidly, by 2008 sales will reach 90 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 29% of all server sales. IDC said, according to sales volume calculation, Linux server market share will reach 29%, sales of approximately 9.7 billion. Windows server will continue to stay ahead of the market share by unit shipments of 60%, sales will reach 22.7 billion.
China Communications Bank of implementation of the project information system backup to protect cross-line information system data to provide a guarantee. As a result of a flexible backup strategy and unified management, the administrator interface on a daily backup tasks by monitoring the monitor to connect to the backup job, such as the implementation of the charge. As a result of multiple drives at the same time for data backup, nightly backup job can be completed within 1 hour. Head Office computer department to pay the technical staff, said: "VERITAS backup software in the automatic management, system protection features than previous similar software has greatly improved, as our information systems provide a good data protection help greatly reduce the risk of system and human resources cost. "

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