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Part No. : MB8464A-10L
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Manufacturer : Protek Devices
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Received widespread attention in the software business at the same time, soft fair also attracted many national and regional pavilions. Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Israel, Russia, Paris, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions have made it clear that the delegation. Soft Fair is becoming an increasingly international IT community "must visit" event, Microsoft, HP, IBM and other manufacturers have a large number of well-known as a fixed soft-Fair exhibitors. Fair in the soft high "popular" Behind the characteristics of value-added services, many companies formed a strong platform for international exchange effect of the soft underlying causes of the escalating Fair. "Internationalization" of the bright colors of soft fair growing domestic and foreign enterprises win-win cooperation is becoming the best stage. Soft Fair overseas enterprises can better understand and develop the China market, Chinese enterprises can not see the door to direct talks with foreign companies. Soft Fair this year will strengthen international exchanges and cooperation capabilities, continue to organize high-level forum to national leaders and foreign ministers attended a speech. China will also be invited to
For these users, Vista will be a surprise. As a new Windows operating system, Vista promised to focus on WAN access to Microsoft applications placed on long-distance remote users to solve performance problems, and to provide LAN-like performance. In fact, some people even think that Vista will be widely deployed out to overcome the limitations of the distributed enterprise application acceleration and WAN optimization solutions. However, the actual situation is very different from this assumption. Although the Windows Vista operating system, tremendous progress in working to resolve WAN performance issues, but, although it has been launched, application acceleration and WAN optimization solutions are still extremely important. Want to know why? Lets take a look at Vista to the TCP / IP and CIFS What changes have brought. For the new TCP / IP stack, Vista changed the congestion control algorithms to improve performance, and allow to send more data faster.

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