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Part No. : MB3769A
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Manufacturer : Fujitsu Media Devices Limited
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With the current earthquake relief and reconstruction work in-depth and sustained treatment of the affected people and the daily medical work as a full restoration of the affected hospitals undertake the urgent task. However, the hospital environment and medical resources for battered affected hospitals, the completion of this task is very arduous. It is also in these conditions, telemedicine more shows its unique advantages - not only avoid the one hand, telemedicine transfer patients, time for rescue to enhance the diagnosis and promptly connected directly to the affected areas Beijing frontline experts treatment guidance work, just as medical experts in person to direct rescue work the same; the other hand, can effectively compensate for the lack of medical resources, hospitals in the affected areas of basic communication and power is restored, the case of medical imaging through the telemedicine system, and other medical history lossless data transmission, can carry out remote consultations with experts in Beijing.
Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co., Ltd. and Japans Fujitsu to EPON technology, cooperation and application, signed the relevant agreement. In this cooperation, the Great Wall of broadband will be widely used in the network, Fujitsu offers the EPON broadband access systems, thereby strengthening the current length and width of the stability of broadband network environment, reduce operating costs and management complexity, giving users a more stable and high-quality broadband experience. Expert analysis, both strong combination of technical cooperation will contribute to Chinas broadband network infrastructure to a new height, in order to more rapid development of broadband industry to lay a solid foundation.

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