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Part No. : MAX4444ESE
Description : Ultra-High-Speed, Low-Distortion, Differentialto- Single-Ended Line Receivers with Enable
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Maxim Integrated Products
File Size : 87 Kb

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the operating system software: 5, type the command: flash_init. 6, type the command: load_helper. 7, type the command: dir flash:. Note: there must be ":." 8, type the command: rename flash: config.text flash: config.old, rename the configuration file. The configuration file contains the password definition. 10, in the Continue with the configuration dialog? [Yes / no]:, type "N". 11, at the prompt type the command: enable, enter privileged mode. 12, type the command: rename flash: config.old flash: config.text, restore the configuration file. 13, type the command: copy flash: config.text system: running-config, copy the configuration file into memory. 16, exit privileged user status, turn off "Super Terminal" program.
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