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Part No. : MAX1967EUB
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Manufacturer : Maxim Integrated Products
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Second wish, which is the most important desire is to implement a company-wide implementation of mobile device use policies. Specifically, the use of these devices to control and clear to tell employees what data can be stored, which can not. From the experience of 2004, the mobile device will become the main objective of this attack. On mobile devices in the end to the production of much help surviving some controversy, but the deployment of these mobile devices is a safety hazard. Mobile phone companies doing well in terms of security, so far, the main problem is the phone being stolen or missing issues. However, last year the first virus specifically for smart phones - Cabir. Although the virus is only a conceptual virus, but the virus is moving towards a network virus attacks or hackers to steal valuable information important step. Security experts noted that the Cabir virus to be infected, users need to download and install the files that contain viruses, although the virus can be performed has not been confirmed. However, you only have to look a lot of people with a virus or Trojan horse received warnings, still can not wait to open the e-mail attachments, I know how bad the situation was. Companies need to develop measures, do not let people play the fool.
Earlier version of the original pre-acquisition may be to focus on telephone services, filtering calls, listen to a message through the network, but the more important new features: Google using the "speech-to-text" to transcription voice mail, so you can keyword search. Gmail contacts will be used to tell Google Voice how to deal with different callers. In addition, Google Voice can now send and receive text messages and make conference calls. I heard the black event, the first reaction is to my laptop machines operating system was installed Trojan clock, the time for a change to their start black screen, this is terrible, can install Trojans, may also not installed things. Then I went to a business trip in Shanghai, see Maikedaier half of the week, came back after the text messages to my friends, Microsoft chairman Zhang Yaqin, said what I thought. After about ten minutes I did not expect Ya-Qin Zhang received the phone. He said on the phone for three points.

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