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Part No. : M82C51A-2
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Manufacturer : Intel Corporation
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At that time, the respective upstream and downstream are quickly realized the problems and quickly make adjustments. Manufacturers to first change the strategy to carry out large-scale marketing activities, and specifically with Sales, the partners face to face support. Manufacturers determination to bring the confidence of distributors, distributors began to focus on the long-term interests, increase investment, the channel construction. In this process, distributors manufacturers learn from some international experience, such as advanced matrix management. After three years, around the value, ECS has undergone several restructuring strategies, including entering new business areas, and building a professional assembly center, an independent sales team and so on. However, ECS is not satisfied, "fulfill the traditional business model is too dependent on the upstream and downstream cooperation in the chain between the benign and did not get through." Gu Ping, senior vice president of ECS said.

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