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Part No. : M74HC4066RM13TR
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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The top is a regular SD card slot, reset button in the bottom. Netcom N600 is the star left the power switch, HOLD, USB interface and a headphone jack, longitudinally very neat. The rest of the interfaces right in the body: the volume adjustment switch knob, power supply interface and AV IN interface. UT868 is the star of this excellent brand GPS products introduced its first car, on its own is a 3.5-inch navigation device, and there is no general worthy of showing off the place. But the attractive precisely because it was low-key, low-profile design, low-key price. After all, the market price of 1880 yuan for sale only in the automotive GPS products, which is extremely rare. Star UT868 has shown signs of superior automotive GPS is no love at all, from the figure in terms of square is not small, not all black stylish design, but live long are gradually found its good points: easy navigation, entertainment, dirt is not delicate, but also satisfying endurance. Car GPS Star UT868 excellent in appearance and not many places commendable, the whole design of the machine is relatively simple. The outline of the button from the body shape, square and circular corner slightly, although it could reflect the stable, but at the same time has forced it a bit less energy.

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