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Part No. : M5705A1
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Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor
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What kind of network is controlled? When the network security field, "youngest-like" has been unable to meet the requirements of increasingly complex security applications, as we face more and more network applications and irregularities, is helpless passive defense? Pre-planning or management? With the continuous development of leading-edge technology, from the degree of access control and management behavior to proceed from the source to avoid security risks, network security has become a major trend in the construction, control of network bandwidth has become the most effective means of application. As the most professional online behavior management products, SINFOR AC series since its inception, with its comprehensive feature rich, powerful network effect behavior control, much concern to the industry and users, and is widely used in government, power, energy, finance , education, enterprise groups, operators and other industries, AC subscriber has more than one thousand. The end of 2006, the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee Party School, Jiangxi Institute of contract administration deeply convinced technology, using Gigabit SINFOR AC series, become the Jiangsu Provincial Party School, the successful application of another case of the provincial Party School. CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee Party School of the original February 1950 at the school, located at No. 212 Bayi Avenue, Nanchang; former Jiangxi Administration Institute at the December 1981 establishment of the hospital, located in the northern suburbs of Nanchang Meiling feet. August 1, 2001 merger of two schools, a body two brands, the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Jiangxi Provincial Peoples Government and institutions directly under the departmental level, the column party sequence. CPC Jiangxi Provincial Party attaches great importance to information technology, second half of 2006, in order to further enhance the level of Party building information network to enhance the network of schools office, teaching efficiency, enhance network security building on the campus network center Party of the large-scale network The success of transformation. Selection of safety equipment for export, but also picked and chose. As the actual work, the traditional single-function can not meet the requirements of information technology school, after a multi-selection and compare the actual test, SINFOR AC high-end Gigabit-to-use Internet gateway behavior management and efficient access to the network-centric features experts unanimously approved - and efficient network behavior recognition ability to network control and management a breeze, and detailed the division of authority and effective utilization of bandwidth allocation to significantly increase network bandwidth, and in addition also has the traditional firewall, VPN, anti-DOS attack, the virus Gateway and other security features, detailed and meticulous preparation of the data log center functions for the network center provides detailed networ
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