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M52795FP Datasheet | Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor
Part No. : M52795FP
Description : AV SWITCH with I2C BUS CONTROL
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor
File Size : 114 Kb

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Product number ADO5000DSWOF, check code W034712I70097. AM2 Dual Core 5000 + processor, the actual frequency of 2.6GHz, FSB 200MHz, the default multiplier is 13. Support MMX, 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 instruction set. Actual power consumption of 65W, voltage of 1.35V, support dual-channel DDR2-800 memory, support AMDs "Cool and Quiet" energy-saving technologies. AM2 Dual Core 5000 + processor is numbered "ADO5000IAA5DS", which "ADO5000" stands for "Desktop power with 65W dual-core 5000 + processor"; "I" on behalf of products using Socket AM2 Interfaces, "AA" on behalf of product support "Cool and Quiet "technology, with intelligent temperature regulation technology," 5 "represents the class with 1MB L2 cache," DS "said the 65-nm Brisbane core. Package for Malaysia, the origin is Germany.

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