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Part No. : M52749FP
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Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor
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From the functional point of view, ASUS GX2024B switch has up to 8,000 MAC address table to support 256 groups VLAN, 802.1x-based dynamic VLAN assignment, the second floor to four ACL with storm filtering and classification, similar to the Cisco CLI command line , RMON and Web-based graphical user interface. In addition, GX2024B unique design specially equipped with redundant power supply module - a specially designed device for the user to save costs. From the product line perspective, ASUS has long been the switch to design intimate and highly trusted users, This time ASUS ASUS GX2024B adhering to the previous design, in addition to continuation of the previous fan system settings, installation of equipment that can be returned to replace the fan, as long as Manual rotary screw the two screws you can easily replace the fan; In addition, ASUS exclusive special offers USB/RS232 control port, so that administrators can easily monitor and manage the network, eliminating a lot of trouble.
Brocade Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Tom Buiocchi said: "As companies increasingly turn to bladed systems, Brocade will continue to implement blade servers to provide users with convenient connections with the network of innovative storage products. We can help companies access gateway users to deploy a simple, scalable, interoperable solution for blade servers. "Brocade Access Gateway with N_Port ID virtualization technology that has been lines within the Technical Committee T11 is defined as virtual multi-industry standard SAN devices, in order to achieve better interoperability and scalability. Brocade Access Gateway is the first to use this technology to enhance blade SAN switches to the environment. IDC Storage Systems Research Center, Richard Villars, vice president, said: "For most business users, the blade server to upgrade its data center is a key element, so will these systems be integrated into existing SAN environment becomes very important. Bo Branch access gateway solution enables Bo style = "COLOR: blue; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana; mso-ascii-font-family: Times IsROCDate =" False "IsLunarDate =" False "Day =" 12 "Month = "2" Year = "2007"> 2 Yue 12 Ri

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