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M5248P Datasheet | Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor
Part No. : M5248P
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Page Number : 3
Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor
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There are many interesting air play, in-depth research and excavation, we can not say the guns to challenge the mandatory cooling compressors, but we can say on the water, the most important is that we can through these studies, toss in the air brought a lot of fun to enjoy, is not it? Graphics card is now more and more heat from the previous dozens W, up to now move the hundreds of W, or 200W for TDP, this point even stronger than the CPU. However, the different places and CPU, graphics card can not be so large size and dimensions of the radiator, most can only be a double slot cooling. This space is a relatively small number of CPU, so the air-cooling limit by a certain number of POWER USER began to pursue some better method. Water is one very good method, because thermal emission in the case outside the reason that the heat sink can be infinitely extended, coupled with a lower ambient temperature outside the chassis case, making the card the difference between water and the air is far more CPU water cooling is much greater difference. But the water is still hid it while moving more than 100W heat, in order to overclocking, we need a higher level of overclocking - Dry Ice Overclocking.

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